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My name is Minnie Taylor, I’m a South Australian artist living in Adelaide.

I have a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication and worked as a Graphic Designer for 15 years. My love for painting started soon after the unexpected passing of my mother. An art teacher friend suggested to try painting to help with my grief. I bought some art supplies and started to play. Joining The Sarah McDonald Artschool helped fine tune my skills in oils and reaffirmed that I wanted to paint. Eventually taking the leap from Graphic Designer to Artist, I painted in my kitchen for years and now have my home studio where I paint full time.

While focusing specifically on still lifes, my fascination with painting glass brings me immense joy, often inducing memories while I paint. I carefully consider my glass subjects and background colours, while emphasising the shapes I see from light refraction. I paint with detail, spending time setting up compositions to form organic shapes and shadows to compliment the glass. My ultimate goal is to create art that is aesthetically pleasing to look at, evoking emotions while bringing a sense of calmness.

Often I challenge myself and paint a “quick painting” this style of painting encourages me to loosen up, experiment and grow as an artist.

Thanks for dropping by! If you have any enquires don’t hesitate to contact me. You’re welcome to join my mailing list, for updates and exhibitions news. 

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2023 ACB Selects online exhibition 

2023 Loreto SpringART exhibition - Adelaide

2023 ‘Friday Fridas’ exhibition Art Images Gallery - Adelaide

2022 Kennedy Art Prize Exhibition - Adelaide

2022 Scotch College Foundation Australian Art Show - Melbourne 

2022 Incognito Art Show - Sydney

2022 Saint Kevin’s ONMIA Art Prize Exhibition - Melbourne 

2022 Bowerbird Exhibition - Adelaide

2022 The Grammar Art Show - Toowoomba 

2021 SALA Festival Exhibition at The Ark - Adelaide 

2020 Solo Studio SALA Festival Exhibition - Adelaide 

2019 Loreto Spring Art Show

2019 SALA Festival Exhibition at Smartart Gallery

2019 SALA Festival Exhibition at Denim Iniquity

2018 Loreto SpringART Show

2018 SALA Festival Exhibition at Denim Iniquity

2018 Royal Adelaide Golf Course Exhibition 

2017 Smartart Christmas Show

2017 Loreto SpringART  Show

2017 SALA festival Exhibition at Denim Iniquity

2016 Loreto SpringART Show

2015 Loreto SpringART Show

2014 Loreto SpringART Show

2013 Goodwood Art House Exhibition


2023 selected to exhibit in the Amber Creswell Bell Selects online exhibition in conjunction with The National Emerging Art Prize

2023 selected for Commendation and awarded the Loreto springArt Prize

2022 Kennedy Art Prize invited to exhibit as a Foundation Choice

2022 Finalist in the St Kevin's OMNIA Art Prize

2021 Finalist in The Centre for Creative Health Art Prize

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